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Mention the word 'addiction' or 'habit forming behaviour' and many people will be confused or feel very awkward. Addiction is one of those difficult issues many of us face daily, yet we know so little about.

Maybe you know someone who is addicted to one or more of the things listed on the following pages, or maybe you are yourself. Perhaps you have visited our site because you are looking for guidance as to what to do next, or maybe you're just curious and want some information so that you can find out more.

You may have been struggling with one particular addiction or behaviour, for many years and have got caught in the revolving door syndrome, of trying to give up before it draws you back in again. You may have succeeded in controlling one addiction, such as gambling or work and now want to control your smoking or eating habits, concerned that something you enjoy, may actually be affecting your health.

Whatever your reasons, you will probably feel a range of emotions as you view our site. The word addiction is a highly emotive and loaded word and conjures up vivid pictures of the alcoholic on the park bench or the drug user injecting heroin into his veins. These pictures may be a million miles away from you, or maybe they are not. These feelings are perfectly normal. It can be quite a frightening experience imagining life without many of the everyday, regular props, which so often become an essential part of our lives. For some people going without their habit is not even an option. Others will not accept the thought of being controlled by a particular activity. If you are addicted, or know someone who is and are looking for help, this could be your first step. Sometimes, it is only when the individual tries to give up, that they find out whether they are addicted or not.

Overcoming an addiction, or an obsessive behaviour, making alternative choices, is a process, not a one off event. It does not happen overnight but can take many weeks, months or even years. The awareness and the acknowledgement that the addiction or the compulsion is the problem, is regarded by many as the first and most difficult step.

Freedom from your addiction is possible. The will must lie within you, and your desire to change, maybe as a result of you being forced to change your life, owing to your particular situation. Or maybe you have not got that far yet, Thank God, and you want to stop it going any further. Maybe you are aware that you are spending more and more money or time on 'it'. Help is available. The first and possibly most difficult step is to confront your 'issue', admit that maybe it is a problem rather than merely an issue. Then you can start to try and resolve it. That may involve you sharing with someone else. As Christians we know a very good source. This source is The Way - The Truth and The Life (John 14 verse 6) you are welcome to find out more!

Whatever you decide there is always someone who can help and advise. Please do feel free to contact us if you would rather keep your situation from friends and family at this stage

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